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American Society - A documentary




In the late 70's, Reno native Edwin Joseph found himself square in the middle of LA's exploding punk scene. His band the Rockets would re-brand themselves the Subtitles and go on to record one of the most legendary 7 inch records of all time... American Society with a b-side cover of Louie Louie.

This film seeks to tell Eddie's story from performing as a beatnik kid in coffeehouses at the tender age of ten, to some of his first recordings being played regularly on the Dr. Demento radio show, to playing with the Subtitles, managing bands like the Adolescents and Social Distortion, and his return to performing music in 2016.


Wall ov Sleep



A young man away from his religious upbringing for the first time finds his college experience to be plagued with supernatural sights, sounds and an alluring woman who convinces him that he may very well be the son of Satan.

An American Demon


 Jack Grisham, legendary founder of the punk band TSOL and self-proclaimed demon, emerges from an abusive childhood, plows through a reckless adolescence, and leads a punk rock army to violent glory, before eventually falling from grace and seeking spiritual redemption. 

Part memoir, part horrific re-imagining; this harrowing tale of  youthful, adolescence gone wrong will leave you gasping for breath and screaming for more.


Half Dead

Half Dead

 A hardworking dwarf separated from his beloved fiancé by a zombie outbreak of little people fights through all manner of mayhem and injustice to reunite with her and save the world along the way. 



 Scumdance is a one day film festival celebrating the best of underground film.  We do our best to curate those films made by the true artist… those who speak with a voice and vision outside the realm of standard faire. We specialize in horror, avant-garde, music based, and experimental films. 


Open for submissions January 1st, 2020.

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 Hailing from the high desert of  Reno, NV, It's Cold Outside Films has set out on a path of film making death or glory.  It's founder, Travis Calvert, has been working in the gambling industry as a video producer for more than a decade, writing  and recording VO and video sessions with celebrity talent such as Vanna White, John Lithgow, Jeremy Piven, Ernie Hudson, Ken Jeong, and Betty White.

In 2015 he won the Jameson First Shot competition where he made a  short film "The Library Book", with Adrien Brody. You can see it here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPtBcSedYv0

He wears his heart on his sleeve and feels there is power in vulnerability. "In this age of absurdity in which we live, revealing one’s true self honestly is an act of courage. " - Travis Calvert

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